Saturday, December 17, 2005

Eleanor and Bette: A Love Story

They've been virtually inseparable from the very beginning. Who knew, when Dorothy Korber's sister Bette came visiting bearing a gift bear purchased at a San Francisco museum, that Eleanor and "Bette" (as we call the bear in honor of its origin) that would become constant companions? She has other stuffed friends -- Peter Rabbit, Herschel the dog, Olivia the pig, Mary the Care Bear, Prince the purple unicorn, and of course Smyrna, her first bear who traveled with her from China -- but Bette has become first among not-so-equals. The latest evidence: Bette's appointment as Eleanor's official escort to the Teddy Bear Tea in San Francisco today (also attended by her mother and grandmother). Report forthcoming.


Blogger Donna & Joe said...

A teddy bear tea? That sounds so adorable...can't wait to see pictures of that.

Eleanor looks so cute clutching her new bear friend in this photo.

Donna :)

5:35 PM  

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