Saturday, July 02, 2005

Utterly delightful

Utterly delightful
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With each passing day, Eleanor grows more comfortable with us and reveals additional layers of her effervescent personality. She has been nothing less than a sheer pleasure, even during a difficult day like today when we made the exhausting return trip from Changsha to Guangzhou, where we will remain for another week before heading home. She was a trouper extraordinaire on her first-ever plane ride, and continues to exhibit a profoundly good nature and bubbly sense of humor. Basically, she won't stop being cute ... we've decided she can't help it. (A reminder: You can click on the blog photos to see other photos posted on flickr. Thanks for checking in ...)


Blogger gwprice said...

I enjoyed the Sleeping Madonna and Child picture as well as the grinning "Dad and Daughter" shot.

My! What an experience! It must seem like a very pleasant, delightful and unbelievable dream you are working your way through. Don't wake up until you are safely back at home.

6:20 PM  

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