Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Homeward bound (almost)

Homeward bound (almost)
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In a few days we finally will head back to the good old USA, and things are beginning to remind us of home. We visited the Pearl River Delta (pictured here; you can see the hazy Guangzhou skyline in the distance) on the evening of July 4, and couldn't help but think of the California Delta country. (For the record, the Pearl River delta breeze was highly appreciated but can't compare to the DB in Sacramento, the meteorological phenomenon which of course inspired the indie cult movie hit, "Breezer," co-produced by Rex Babin and Dennis Love.) Dennis even got a little misty this morning when he heard the Beach Boys playing on the sound system in the China Hotel Starbucks. When "Don't Worry Baby" nearly brings a tear to the eye, it's time to go home.


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