Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Cruising the homestretch

Cruising the homestretch
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Our next-to-last night in mainland China featured a sunset cruise down the Pearl River through the heart of Guangzhou. Eleanor once again out-partied and out-lasted her parents with energy to spare -- she is a joy to be with and absoutely up for anything. We're now beginning final preparations to return home. Tomorrow (Thursday) we go to the U.S. consulate for final official doings re Eleanor's adoption and immigration; Friday we take the train from Gunagzhou to Hong Kong, spend the night and then fly out early Saturday morning for the USA via Tokyo. Obviously we're a little apprehensive about a long stressful flight with a nine-month-old, but if Eleanor handles that trip with the aplomb with which she has handled everything else, we'll be fine.


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