Sunday, June 05, 2005

Packing for China

China map
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We've been so focused on Eleanor that the travel piece of our journey hasn't fully sunk in...until this weekend. We're going to CHINA very soon, for almost three weeks, and we still don't know the exact dates. Once we receive travel authorization from the Chinese government (hopefully next week), our agency will notify us and we can finally make reservations. Out of sheer frustration, Terri has already packed most of our bags.

However, we do know several components of our trip. We're planning to do a quick tourist pass-through of Hong Kong and Beijing on our own for about a week before joining in Guangzhou with several other families from our agency. Guangzhou is in Guangdong, China's southern-most province. From that starting point, families will fan out to several different provinces to unite with their babies. We'll be traveling north to the Hunan Province and its capital, Changsha. Nannies from the YouXian orphanage (a rural area south of Changsha) will bring Eleanor and her orphanage-mates to us in Changsha. We'll officially adopt Eleanor in that city and go through a few other bureaucratic steps. The families will then converge again in Guangzhou, where the U.S. Consulate is located, to finish up some paperwork, tour, shop and generally enjoy the babies.


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Thanks for the maps of China. My map of China is so old it was autographed by Sun Yatsen. I'm certain you will enjoy your trip to China. Our minister recently made a trip to Mongola, which he enjoyed very much.

My mother in the 1930's was very concerned about the treatment of girls in China. She would be very proud of you.

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