Monday, June 20, 2005

GREETINGS FROM HONG KONG -- 7,000 miles later we have finished the first big leg of our journey. This is the view from our hotel room tonight. The trip was very smooth and uneventful, thanks to Terri's great planning. We were even upgraded to a suite once we arrived at the hotel, probably because after 15 hours in the air we looked like we needed one. We're beat but thrilled to be here. More soon ...  Posted by Hello


Blogger Babygirl's parents said...

Hi you two :)
Congratulations! You made it to China! Has that sunk in?
Can't wait to see the rest of your journey unfold. Won't be long now!
Have fun! It's the last days of "just the two of you".

11:24 AM  
Blogger billandkaren said...

I remember that view myself like it was just yesterday......and I remember all the wonderful and beautiful days and moments that followed. You are on the threshold, about to pass through to the most wondrous adventure in the world....parenthood!

Enjoy each step that takes you closer to your Eleanor!!

2:28 PM  

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