Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Eleanor and her Mom

Eleanor and her Mom
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Terri and Eleanor are ready to tackle another fun day in Changsha. Eleanor continues to get more comfortable with her new parents and is revealing herself to be quite the charmer; she seems to turn heads wherever she goes. Tomorrow we make what figures to be an emotional pilgrimage to Eleanor's orphanage in YouXian.


Blogger gwprice said...

Two good looking dames.

7:52 AM  
Blogger gwprice said...

A comment from a friend:
Hi, Mr. George and Ms. Jean !!!
Thanks for sharing this wonderful event with me. As I view the website, I couldn't help but cry. I may not know your nephew and his family but I'm very happy for them. Eleonor is very blessed to have them as parents. Please extend my congratulations to them. ( Tell them, at least their baby is hopefully passed the worse part of teething. Matthew is breaking in his second tooth and we're all having a hard time especially during the night).

I hope and pray that Ms. Jean and yourself are doing well....


8:09 AM  

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