Monday, June 27, 2005

A day like no other

A day like no other
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Up early. Big breakfast. Fly from rainy Guangzhou to rainy Changsha. Check into hotel. Frantically unpack. Meet up with travel group in the lobby. Take the longest, most excruciating 15-minute bus ride in history to the adoption center in downtown Changsha. Wait in a small, humid room with several other expectant families while the almost Hitchcockian suspense builds. Then, suddenly, like a cannon shot: Eleanor Jiangnan Love, a beautiful, spirited, feisty, nine-month-old piece of work if there ever was one, materialized from an adjacent hallway as if in a dream. We fell in love with her at first sight; she proceeded to scream bloody murder for the next two hours -- but we had been forewarned about these "spicy Hunan babies." She was spitting mad at this inexplicable turn of events -- where am I, and who are these strange people gawking at me? -- and clearly heartbroken over being separated from her familiar caregivers at the orphange. (She very distinctly kept crying "Ma-ma, Ma-ma," which would have been devastating had we not been prepared for something like it. It's actually a good sign, we're told, one that means she is strong-willed, intelligent and emotionally healthy enough to form a fierce attachment that will transfer to us soon enough.) The other babies in our group cried, too, but Eleanor cried and cried and cried, from the adoption center to the bus ride back to the hotel lobby to the hotel room. But then ... she took part of a bottle, seemed to feel better, started playing blocks with her brand-new mother and before we knew it was smiling and babbling and flirting to beat the band. About an hour later she passed out cold, and the demon had become a sleeping angel. And we couldn't be happier -- and can't wait for her to wake up so we can verify that this is really happening. According to her caregivers, that confirmation will come at about 2 a.m. ...


Blogger Auntie Kathleen said...

Oh my God! She is so beautiful - even Sebastian thinks so! I do think she looks a bit like her mommy (but much rounder!)
We're in love too, and in tears! Come home soon!
Impatiently waiting for you,
All our love, huges and kisses,
Auntie Kathleen, Rex & Buck

10:36 AM  
Blogger gwprice said...

A beautiful baby. I hope she doesn't take after her Great Uncle Wallace who reportedly cried for three months after birth. A slaesman stopped by our house and wanted to demonstrate an RCA Victrola. My mother said, " If it will stop this baby from crying, I will buy it." He brough it in and played a John Phillip Sousa number and I stopped crying immediately.

11:07 AM  
Blogger gwprice said...

You may have trouble finding a 1928 RCA Victrola. By the way, she forked over $100.00 dolllars for it. But I was worth it.

11:09 AM  
Blogger gwprice said...

Great Aunt Jean was heard just now talking to one of her friends on the telephone saying, "She is a very beautiful and extraodordianarily precocious child.

11:56 AM  
Blogger Milinda & Edward said...

Terri and Dennis - We are so happy for you! I (Milinda) was thinking about you all day Sunday (US time), counting the hours as you approached your Gotcha moment in China. Eleanor looks lovely, and I'm sure your boundless love will be requited in no time. Congratulations!!
Milinda & Edward

8:56 PM  

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