Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Crunch time ...

Crunch time ...
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Pictured here is the TRAVEL LIST FROM HELL that Dennis was working from earlier in the week (since superceded by another one). The mere fact that Dennis is submitting to working from a list at all should provide some indication of just how serious things are getting around here as our departure date approaches at the speed of a Nolan Ryan fastball circa 1973. We will be leaving Sunday from San Francisco flying via Tokyo to Hong Kong, then on to Beijing a couple of days later, and then on to Guangzhou a few days after that to meet up with our group.

Making those flight arrangments was an epic undertaking unto itself. Dennis was calling the Delta Skymiles desk in Salt Lake City so often to haggle for better connections that he achieved first-name status there. (Actual exchange: "Thank you for calling Delta, this is Nancy Baker, how may I help you?" "Oh, um, hi Nancy, I think we've talked before. This is Dennis in Sacramento ..." "Oh, yeah. The adoption, right?")

In less than two weeks, we'll have Eleanor -- and Dennis' list will only seem like a horrible, scarring, distant, long-ago nightmare.

Also many thanks to Jay Tingle (pictured below wielding two drills), who played a key role in installing the all-important sandbox over the weekend. And to Terry Weiner of Land Park Tree Service fame (also below), who risked life and limb to hang Eleanor's swing from the very tall London plane in the front yard. A kid's gotta have a sandbox and a swing, right?

Thanks to all as we head for China. We'll keep everyone posted ...


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