Sunday, May 22, 2005

Getting ready

It's been a very big week for us. After months of waiting on pins and needles we finally received the all-important "first call" -- the news that we have been officially matched with our daughter in China. The details are sketchy, but we learned that we'll be traveling to the Hunan Province in late June or early July. We'll receive more information this week when we get our referral, which will include PHOTOGRAPHS. So, momentum is picking up for sure. Also on Saturday we were given a baby shower at the home of our dear friends Rex and Kathleen Babin. We're pictured here with the Asian-themed decorations in the background. We had a ball and felt like the luckiest people on earth. Terri's mom, DD, worked extremely hard to make the event a major success, as did our dear friend Dorothy Korber. Posted by Hello


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