Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Today was huge: We finally got the long-awaited "second call" -- and very critical and very welcome information about Eleanor. Now we know her Chinese name: You Jiangnan. We know her birthday: September 18, which means she currently is 8 months old (relatively young, and the younger the better developmentally speaking). She is said to be healthy, "very active," "restless," "likes to smile and laugh," and "is a deep sleeper." Sounds like Terri's daughter all the way! She's always lived in the orphanage, which is in YouXian in the Hunan province, about 400 miles NW of Hong Kong. The area is said to be very poor and doesn't have the resources for foster care. We've already been in touch with parents who have adopted from that orphanage and they say the facility does a "pretty good" job.

We don't know what her name means yet -- although You (which actually is her last name) is extracted from YouXian, the area in which the orphanage is located. (Surnames of orphans in China typically are taken from their locale or from the orphanage director.) Jiangnan is her first name and will become her middle name, as in: Eleanor Jiangnan Love. We think it's a beautiful name ...

No word yet on when we travel to China. Tomorrow we will receive photos of her and about a week later will get some more detailed medical information. We will post the pictures ASAP, of course.

We are super-elated. Terri received the call from the agency at work and tearfully hugged innocent bystander/Bee colleague Ralph Montano about 50 times. She immediately called Dennis, who was under duress in the dentist's chair but knew better than to miss this call. The dentist's office erupted in cheers at the news. Seems like everyone on Planet Earth has been WAITING for this day ... even medical professionals across Sacramento.


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